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Information about cookies

What is a HTTP cookie?

An HTTP Cookie, even called cookie is, in its intrinsic form a text file that is on a computer. They usually contain data on websites visited, which stores the browser software while surfing the net without a call. If a user frequently visits an encrypted website, this is no longer any time to log on again, thanks to a cookie. The website receives the information from the cookie that the user has already visited the site. A cookie can also record information on intricate and private Internet behavior, and forward them to other addresses without consent. The cookie is by the user at any time can be checked and deleted as this is visible. Through a cookie you must therefore not enter every single time the same information on the same website.

Why does cookies?
To offer you the best possible tailored surfing experience uses cookies. Through their use can ensure that you appear not the same messages over and over again, when you visit the website again. Cookies also help in transforming the performance of a website. To ensure that your personal information is protected and also to avoid loss of information or illegal behavior, used appropriate organizational and technical actions.

How can I disable cookies?
If you want to block or remove cookies, you can do this easily perform in the Internet settings. When organizing cookies allow you to most browsers, on - or to refuse or to accept only certain types of cookies cookies. In each browser's Help feature, see the procedure for managing and removing the cookies.

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