Das Gold der Etrusker
Die Zeichen der Macht

Schätze Italiens

Diözesanmuseum in der Hofburg Brixen
5. Mai 2007 - 6 Januar 2008

The Diocesan Museum, which is located in the “Hofburg” in Brixen, hosted in 2007 an extraordinary exhibition called “The Etruscan’s Gold”, which was an exploration of ancient history. The exhibition, created in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, displayed precious goldsmithery, ornamental pieces of jewellery and bronze – and stone works of the Etruscan culture. The central topic of the exhibition was the sophisticated art of the Etruscan handicraft. Finely-made jewels and objects were selected in order to demonstrate the man’s ability to shape the “material”: before becoming a typical ornamental element for women, gold, together with silver and ivory, was a sign of power.

The exhibition drew attention to the economic and political power and the challenge of the artist with the “precious material”. An ancient civilization with its big treasures, artistic and handcrafted expressions as a testimony of the population, of which we preserve one of the biggest and most important archaeological contribution in history.