Muro di vetro

Film - Drama - Gruppo La Forca
Directed by: Bruno Zucchermaglio
Year 2002

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Alma, Irma and Sandrina are three women who lived in Brixen during the 1950s. It was a time when the German-speaking population was trying to establish itself again after the fascists’ oppression. Alma’s and Sandrina’s perseverance (the first one striving to become the first woman elected in the city council, while the second one fights in vain against the decision to change the name of "Via Roma") is in contrast with the silent and constant determination of Irma, a paediatric nurse, who takes care of the farmer’s children, whether they are German-speaking or not. It was a time when "Muro di vetro" (Wall of Glass) was erected, separating for the following decades most of the places reserved for each linguistic group, until now. Irma seems to have a glimpse of a new and different future, which comes from the interaction and the comparison. "Muro di vetro" is also a short story about the Italian-speaking linguistic group which, after the Second World War instead of complaining, rolled up their sleeves, and tried to obtain its own place without oppressing the others’.