Die Fugger

Documentary in two parts for ZDF, ARTE and WDR
Directed by: Werner Köhne
Florianfilm. Produced by: André Schäfer
Year 2011

Sustainable corporate management, investment banking, global networking, monopolies, lobbying, economic espionage, sponsorship: Keywords that characterize the daily life of our economic system. The economization of many areas of life is progressing. Is it suddenly fell from the sky - or there's any history? One, if not the ultimate line leads us 500 years back in the the Fugger of Augsburg. The city on the river Lech was the richest and politically most significant cities of the German Empire. In this metropolis, the entrepreneurs of the Fugger dynasty certain European history over two centuries.

The documentaries follow the life cycle of the two outstanding representatives of the Fugger dynasty: Jacob and Anton Fugger.

CAMERA Bernd Meiners | CUT Johannes Nakajima

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Trailer - die Fugger