Anita B.

Screenplay: Edith Bruck and Roberto Faenza
Directed by: Roberto Faenza
Jean Vigo Italia
Year 2013, costume assistant

The new film by Roberto Faenza 'Anita B.' based on the novel "Quanta stella c'è nel cielo" of Edith Bruck, who has worked together with the Regiesseur the script. The main role is played by Eline Powell, in the supporting roles we see Robert Sheehan, Andrea Osvart, Antonio Cupo, Jane Alexander and Moni Ovadia.

The film is produced by the company Jean Vigo Italia and financially supported by the BLS. The shooting was entirely in South Tyrol, with the exception of two days of shooting in Prague, settled.

History by Anita B.:
he story takes place in the immediate postwar period. Anita, who survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen, flees from a Hungarian orphanage and comes with six ten years to her aunt Monika. Eli, the young brother of Monika, Anita collects on the Hungarian-Czechoslovak border, to accompany them on the trip. Anita finds himself as a refugee in a more disorderly world. She's beautiful and sensitive and Eli is immediately attracted to her .... The film tells of the dreams and the hopes Anita aud a new and better life.